We can’t thank Molly and the FCGA enough for all the guidance, support, reassurance and encouragement throughout Brandon’s many years of junior golf and the college recruiting process. Molly is an invaluable resource while navigating the often complicated and sometimes stressful process. Her depth and breadth of junior golf knowledge and her realistic approach were truly outstanding. We highly recommend FCGA and cannot imagine maneuvering through the recruiting process without FCGA’s help. Brandon is looking forward to his college golf career at Illinois Wesleyan. Thank you, FCGA!

The Straeb Family

Clarkson Valley, MO


FCGA was extremely helpful to our family as we worked our way through the golf/college search maze. They took the time to get to know our son, Michael, as both a person and a golfer, and then worked with him to help him explore many options and opportunities. FCGA was extremely helpful in tournament selection, as they carefully considered Michael’s game, his goals, and his interests. They also listened to Tom and me as we tried to balance tournament/travel schedules with other family commitments.

FCGA opened our eyes to schools which never would have made it onto our radar screen, and opened many doors to coaches that we could have never opened ourselves. When Michael went through a “phase” of not communicating with us about college possibilities and the search process, FCGA was invaluable to him (and to us). In fact, it is because of FCGA that Michael considered Indiana University, and it is also because FCGA’s professional relationship with the IU coach that Michael’s dream of playing in the Big 10 is now a reality.


Tom and Jill McGee

Kansas City, MO


I don’t know how we would have made it thru the college search process without FCGA and Molly Hudgins. It wasn’t just about the right school for golf for our son, Zack, it was also about academics. That is what impressed us the most about Molly. It was finding the right balance. Molly was there every step of the way helping guiding our son, Zack, and our family thru the maze facing us. She became more than a consultant;  she became a friend and sometimes a psychologist! Zack developed a special bond with Molly.  There were countless emails and phone calls to Molly when we or Zack had questions or needed guidance. Molly was always extremely responsive and regardless of how busy she was,  phone calls and emails were always timely returned. We have recommended  Molly to several people and will continue to recommend FCGA without hesitation. We were very fortunate  to have Molly by our side the last two years. Zack accepted a scholarship to play golf at the University of Cincinnati in the fall of 2009. Thank you FCGA and a special thanks to Molly Hudgins!


Ron Bates

Cleveland, Ohio