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“Over the 2 years….

Danny Fisher has progressed from a raw, athletic golfer to being a top regional competitor who has a very bright future in the game. Danny brings a seriousness to his practice and preparation that’s unique for a young person. This deliberate quality and work ethic combined with his intellect for the game is the reason he’s experienced such significant improvements over the last couple years. In addition to technically sound strokes, his mental approach has become an asset to his game. It’s been pleasure working with Danny and witnessing both his growth as a player and student of the game.”


– Chris Oehlerking

Senior Coach, Managing Partner, The Golf Practice

Highland Park, IL

“In November 2015, I began working as the mindfulness coach at The Golf Practice. I have worked weekly with Danny in a group of outstanding golfers all of whom aspire to play Division I golf.  From the time I watched Danny work on his swing, I sensed a special quality about him.  He was 15 at the time, and already had self-awareness, composure, and ambition.  For the first year, our focus was on concentration practices, targeting the capacity return back to “the zone” when distractions arise.  Danny has excelled at these practices, on course, during practice, and in school, from the get go.  He has learned to skillfully let go of the emotionality that routinely arises in competitive golf.  An even more exciting sign of Danny’s potential as a golfer is his work over the past two months in our mindfulness program.  Finding ease in emotionality is difficult, and Danny has really worked and responded to adversity.  He is taking a deliberate and wise look at the factors that might inhibit his game.  He has put in the extra time and effort to find his way toward the kind of equanimity that, in our opinion, is one of the things that distinguishes good from great.  I have no question that Danny’s commitment and dedication will get him to the point where he excels at these mental practices as well.  Most importantly, Danny has a great attitude – he is a lot of fun to coach. “


– Dr. Arthur Hoffman

Mindfulness Coach, The Golf Practice

Highland Park, IL