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“Caroline is…

the greatest golfer in our program’s history.  She has been blessed with great God-Given natural talents and she has used her work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to always strive for excellence.  For St. James Academy, she is a once in a generation type player.  This year I have also had the pleasure of having Caroline in the classroom.  Those same attributes from the course are clearly still present in her desire to be a first class student as well.  When you combine all of that with her easy going personality, her willingness to always help others, and her very high integrity; you have a person with great balance and one who is destined to achieve great success.  I hold Caroline in the highest regard!”

– Stan Dohm

St James Academy, Head Girls Golf Coach 2014


” I have been fortunate to coach Caroline at St. James Academy during the 2015 high school golf season. As the parent of a son who played Division I golf for four years and someone who has observed hundreds of high school and college golfers throughout the last 18 years, I can comfortably say that Caroline possesses all of the key ingredients to be an excellent collegiate golfer.

When coupled together, Caroline’s ability, work ethic and burning desire to be the best she can be allows her to stand-out amongst her peers. Caroline is an excellent teammate and is clearly one of the top female high school golfers in the Kansas City area.

Caroline is long off the tee and has an excellent “feel” and “touch” for the game around the greens. Caroline’s mental approach to the game is solid as well. She clearly understands that many different things will occur during a round of golf and does a very good job not getting “too high” or “too low” as her round plays out.”

– George McDonnell

Head Girls and Boys Golf Coach, St. James Academy