Founded in 2001, the mission of the FCGA is to mentor junior golfers and their families through the entire junior golf and college recruiting process. FCGA helps with all things outside of the golf swing that a player needs to do to go on to play  college golf.  FCGA helps junior golfers achieve maximum exposure and experience through two programs.


The Tournament Players Program offers personal mentoring and access to a members-only website that includes a directory of th ebest national and local junior golf tournaments. In this program, we personally help each member plan a tournament schedule that fits their golf ability, goals and the family’s financial situation. FCGA also helps each of our members with goal-setting, building their academinc and golf resume, and with setting their practice schedule to reach their goals.


In the College Golf Scholarship Program, players receive all of the benefits of the Tournament Players Program, but it also goes on to help aspiring junior golfers by offering academic and academic counseling, targeting schools that meet the golfer’s academic and athletic needs, and developing a comprehensive marketing plan that teaches the golfer to build relationships with the coaches of the schools that fit them. We also provide a third party recommendation to coaches and spend quality time personally walking clients through the recruiting process.